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Label Specifications: 


We use GAI vacuum belt labeler which applies pressure sensitive labels. The machine is capable of handling bottle tapers up to a maximum of 1.5°, and has 2 labeling stations so the front and back labels may be on either the same roll or on different rolls at the winemaker’s preference.

We prefer both labels on the same roll for smaller runs, and front and back labels on different rolls for larger runs and for all tapered bottle applications.

The minimum distance between the front and back label on the bottle cannot be less than 20mm.

Please carefully review the following label specifications and Contact Us at 909-625-1199 if you have any questions or concerns regarding these requirements or if there are issues not addressed below. 

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  • Maximum label roll diameter = 380mm (15”). There is no minimum roll diameter, but larger diameter rolls reduce roll change outs and improve bottling efficiency.
  • Core ID = 76mm
  • Labels to be wound outside with the left edge leading (unwind number 4).
  • Base paper height = 190mm maximum; 20mm minimum
  • Distance between top and bottom of the tallest label to the edge of the base paper = 3mm minimum; 5mm maximum
  • Distance between adjacent labels on a roll = 3mm – 5mm. Advise Mission Bottling if distance between front and back label on the same roll will be greater than 5mm.
  • If labels are to be applied to the wine boxes, please provide a separate roll which incorporates the number of labels needed for labeling of the wine boxes.

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