Full or partial bottling & labeling services @ 50bpm


  • Inverted 12 station bottle cleaning
  • Vacuum air removal and nitrogen injection
  • Two stage wine filtration with a 0.45 micron final membrane
  • 16 station vacuum filler with nitrogen padded bowl
  • Second nitrogen injection prior to closing
  • Vacuum corking, ROPP, or Stelvin Lux closure capability
  • Automated capsule dispensing
  • Capsule application with both spinning and heat shrink capability
  • Case Printing
  • Pressure sensitive vacuum belt labeling with either alternating labels on one spool or separate labels on two spools
  • Laser Bottle Etching
  • Latest generation GAI bottling equipment with ultra low oxygen pickup:
  • Automatic case taping
  • On-board steam generator for process sterilization
  • Temperature controlled trailer for a cleaner operating environment
  • Waykesha stainless steel rotary lobe wine pump with fully modulating filler bowl level control
  • On-board power generation if needed
  • On-board rotary screw air compressor with 0.01 micron filtration

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